eWasted: Mobile destruction of hard drives containing personal data

Mobile hard drive destruction with documentation and video of shredding process available to customer onsite.

Mobile Data Destruction

With our self-contained mobile shredder, we have the ability to travel around the nation to provide ultra secure, on-site, fully documented destruction of e-waste, i.e. sensitive materials, hard drives, data tapes and item destruction.

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How is eWasted Solutions different?

100% elimination of possibility of a data breach

Eliminates the labor to wipe, disassemble or degauss hard drives prior to destruction

Reduces on-site equipment, storage space and labor costs

Eliminates chain of custody issues and transportation vulnerabilities

On-site capability gives the customer the ability to monitor the destruction process

Eliminates packaging and off-site transportation costs

Certificates of hard drive destruction included with service

Full documentation and video of process are optional based on customer need

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