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An Environmentally Conscious and USA Veteran-Owned Approach to Secure Electronics Recycling

We have a focused approach to assisting our customers with their electronic recycling needs. We give personalized consultations to determine whether your items can be refurbished or if they are at their “end of life” stage. We can securely destroy your data and electronics in the safest way, guaranteeing proper disposal and destruction of the materials, all with your data-security in mind.

Built From the Ground Up, Pete, Tim, and Terry Collectively Share Over 40 Years in this Industry.

Pete, CEO of 3RTS

Pete, CEO of 3RTS, served in the United States Navy SeaBees. After his service, he held various positions and owned his own business, but eventually landed in scrapping materials about ten years ago. In 2014, he and Terry decided to merge their collective experience and expertise in the field of electronics recycling, founding 3RTS.


Tim, COO of 3RTS

Tim Young, COO of 3RTS, has almost two decades of experience in all aspects of electronics recycling operations, environmental compliance and has completed the R2 certification for a Colorado recycler. Tim started Electronics Recycling 3 in 2013 before partnering with Pete and Terry of 3R Technology Solutions in 2018.

Terry, CTO of 3RTS

Terry, CTO of 3RTS, served in the United States Air Force where he worked avionics on B1-B bombers.  After his service, he started his own IT asset disposition company. Terry helped found 3RTS in 2014.

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